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CxBrowser 0.4¿What is CxBrowser?

CxBrowser is an open source and free Web Browser implement under Mozilla Activex Control component. It is written entirely in C#, and organize windows on virtual desks. CxBrowser is distributed under GNU/General Public License.


  • Mozilla Activex Control is a standard ActiveX component and can be used from any development environment which supports ActiveX. The project demonstrates the use of Activex control in SharpDevelop 2.1, the open source IDE for .NET Framework under GNU Lesser General Public Licence.
  • Provide an experimental User Interface: Organize widows in virtual desks.
  • The project is an example to make a custom web browser.
  • Exploit the speed and standards compliance of the Gecko rendering engine.
  • No more nasty IE license - read it?.

CxBrowser 0.3 loading SourceForge.net Proyect PageStatus of the project

  • Release 0.3 is stable version.
  • Release 0.4 is the end of project and development tasks.
  • 10 Ago 2007: CxBrowser 0.4 ready, but beta version.


There are, in CxBrowser, parts and software components (Mozilla Activex Control - Gecko, Mozilla dependences 1.5) written in the year 2000-2005 and slow changes.  This web browser is not enable for productive use because this project is not updated frequently with security patch from Mozilla and Activex vulnerabilities reported.


CxBrowser is free, however, if you think it is useful and want to support its development, then make a donation. Note: In case you want to sponsor a feature, then contact us.

Support This Project

Additional Software You Need to Install (Prerequisite)

  • CxBrowser 0.4 require
  • CxBrowser 0.3 require
  • CxBrowser 0.3 support
  • For Developers: Download SharpDevelop, The open source IDE for .NET Framework.


CxBrowser 0.4 (Current version)

More screenshots

CxBrowser 0.3:

Working under SharpDevelop, (spanish):


  • Miguel A. Cruz Condor [miguelcrux @ gmail.com] ->Author, proyect maintainer.
  • Alexis Damian Grabiel [aldamgra @ hotmail.com] ->Test & code cleaning.
  • Paul Collantes Laura [quenaspaul @ hotmail.com] -> Heavy Test.
  • José L. Ruiz Candiotti [blinki_pinky @ hotmail.com] ->Smart Test.

Collaborators & Sponsor:

  • Richard Garcia Condor [] -> Colaborator.
  • Edwin Marco Gomez Salinas [edwinmarco @ gmail.com] ->Colaborador, Sponsor.


Copyright ©2006-2012 Miguel A. Cruz C. All rights reserved. Want to sponsor a feature / the project? Get in touch!

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